Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Version 1.7.0

2 May 2018


  • Custom fields compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.0


  • Deprecated uabb-simplify field and replaced it with BB’s unit field
  • Deprecated uabb-spacing field and replaced it with BB’s dimension field
  • Deprecated uabb-toggle-switch field and replaced it with BB’s select field
  • Deprecated uabb-datetimepicker field
  • Testimonials – Added option to show Arrow and Dots in Navigation
  • Advanced Posts – Added option to change “All” text in Masonry Filter


  • Advanced Posts – Pagination issue with search page
  • Hotspot – Hotspot image not working in module settings
  • Social Share – Share link includes http rather than https
  • Advanced Post – Masonry Filter not working if language is not recognized
  • Remove duplicate uabb-js-breakpoint ID

Version 1.6.9

22 Feb 2018


  • Improvement: Contact Form – Add option to modify the processing text
  • Improvement: Info Box – Add Responsive height options for the infobox
  • Improvement: Subscription Form – Add option to modify the processing text


  • Fixed: Button – Icons visible even when icon type is set to none
  • Fixed: Contact Form – Email submission from name should be the website’s title
  • Fixed: Fancy text – Fancy text jumps when heading width sizes are different
  • Fixed: Modal popup – Modal Popup input fields cursor issue in iOS devices
  • Fixed: Modal popup – Autoplay video generates flash at the beginning

Version 1.6.8

10 Jan 2018


  • New: Introduced Column Shadow setting


  • Improvement: Advanced Menu – Added responsive navigation alignment option (Screenshot)
  • Improvement: Contact Form – Added success/error message alignment option
  • Improvement: Modal popup – Added option to hide video title and player controls on YouTube (Screenshot)
  • Improvement: Pricing Box – Added option to add custom class to the button link
  • Improvement: Row Separator – Added filters to add custom row separators
  • Improvement: Testimonials – Added field connections support to the author name, designation and testimonial field
  • Improvement: Added plugin shortname prefix to all module’s settings heading
  • Improvement: Global Settings option visibility for UABB compatible themes


  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Pagination and redirection issues
  • Fixed: Contact Form – Email delivery issue for some email providers
  • Fixed: Contact Form – Added text loader on form submission
  • Fixed: Counter – Counter number increment issue in IE
  • Fixed: Google Maps – Google map’s conflict with Beaver Themer
  • Fixed: Google Maps – Unable to edit Google Map
  • Fixed: Hotspot – Hotspot animation not working in Mozilla Firefox

Version 1.6.7

14 Nov 2017


  • New: WPML Support
  • New: Added option in branding tab to list all UABB modules under Core BB Modules


  • Improvement: Advanced Accordion – Open accordion on link click from the same page
  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added typography option to advanced posts taxonomy filter
  • Improvement: Advanced Tabs – Open tab on link click from the same page
  • Improvement: Google Map – Add name option to identify address
  • Improvement: Modal popup – Option to hide related videos on YouTube
  • Improvement: Info List – Replace getimagesize function which was affecting loading time
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added option to add custom class to the button link


  • Fixed : Gradient color field design conflict with BB 2.0
  • Fixed : Modal popup – Close button on preview not visible
  • Fixed : HotSpot – Fix tool-tip issue on Internet explorer and mobile devices

Version 1.6.6

3 Oct 2017


  • Improvement: Added nofollow options to all buttons and links
  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added settings parameter to hooks
  • Improvement: Counter – Added support for decimal numbers
  • Improvement: Contact Form – Introduced reCaptcha option
  • Improvement: Google Map – Introduced auto-zoom option, so that the Map centers itself based on the pinpoints
  • Improvement: Info List – Added custom character option along with icons and images which lets you add numbered list
  • Improvement: Social Share – Added Email share option
  • Improvement: Testimonials – Introduced stack option for mobile devices


  • Fixed: Image Separator – Unable to edit image separator
  • Fixed: Price Box – Font-awesome icons do not load on front end

Version 1.6.5

21 Sep 2017


  • Security Fix: A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was discovered in HTML links, WordPress core has patched its vulnerability in 4.8.2 release and we’ve also fix it for UABB.
  • Fixed: Google Map – JSON map style option not working.
  • Fixed: Row Separator – Duplicate class names while using the custom class name.

Version 1.6.4

19 Sep 2017


  • Improvement: Advanced Menu – Option to add submenu icon in overlay and off-canvas layout.
  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added drop-down filter option for masonry layout.
  • Improvement: Contact Form – From field in the mail show sender name than the WordPress default name.
  • Improvement: Countdown – Added time zone option.
  • Improvement: Google Map – Added field connections support to the latitude & longitude field.
  • Improvement: Modal Popup – Added field connections support to the video URL field.
  • Improvement: Row Separator – Added new row separator styles.
  • Improvement: Row Separator – Added width option.


  • Fixed: Advanced Menu – List style being overridden by third-party applications.
  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Shortcodes in HTML attributes not being parsed in the context of the current post in the custom layout.
  • Fixed: Countdown – Evergreen Countdown does not work with minutes.
  • Fixed: Countdown – Countdown module shows incorrect label for singular values.
  • Fixed: Fancy Text – Text overlap issue when slide effect is applied.
  • Fixed: Google Map – Map type option was not working.
  • Fixed: Modal Popup – Text Blur issue.
  • Fixed: Modal Popup – After closing modal audio/video player doesn’t stop which is added by content.
  • Fixed: Photo – Changed field connection support to photo rather than a string, HTML.
  • Fixed: Row Separator – Tilt Left and Tilt Right doesn’t go edge to edge.
  • Fixed: Row Separator – z-index issue in row separator and photo module.

Version 1.6.3

29 Aug 2017


  • Improvement: Photo Gallery – Get full-size image in lightbox rather than large.
  • Improvement: Info Circle – Icon background color opacity option.


  • Fixed: Row Separator – Bottom row separator duplicated to top row separator.

Version 1.6.2

22 Aug 2017


  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added equal height option for masonry layout.
  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added custom icon support for arrows in carousel layout.
  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added filter uabb_advanced_post_title_link to control heading link.
  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added Beaver Themer shortcode support in CTA fields.
  • Improvement: Advanced Menu – Improved submenu text alignment when parent menu aligned to right.
  • Improvement: Advanced Menu – Introduced new actions uabb_advanced_menu_before and uabb_advanced_menu_after.
  • Improvement: Advanced Menu – Added overlay option to off canvas menu.
  • Improvement: Advanced Menu – Added option to manage submenu width.
  • Improvement: Advanced Menu – Partial refresh support for submenu.
  • Improvement: Before After Slider – Add alt text to the images.
  • Improvement: Button – Provided option to add photo or icon.
  • Improvement: Price Box – Introduced new action uabb_price_box_button to add custom HTML after price box button.
  • Improvement: Team – Added field connections support to the name field.
  • Improvement: UABB dashboard menu capability changed to “manage_options”.


  • Fixed: Image Carousel – Arrows not displayed on front end.
  • Fixed: Advanced Icons – Display icons if link is empty.
  • Fixed: Advanced Menu – Increase overlay z-index value.
  • Fixed: Advanced Menu – Close icon styling for overlay and off-canvas menu.
  • Fixed: Advanced Menu – Toggle button container width applying to whole menu container.
  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Fixed PHP error produced by canonical redirection on single post..
  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Number of posts to scroll issue on medium and small device in carousel layout.
  • Fixed: Dual Button – Custom width on preview showing width of single button.
  • Fixed: Row Separator – Prevent the output of empty div when no row separator is active.
  • Fixed: Row Separator – Top row separator background color compatibility issue.