Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Version 1.2.0

7 Sep 2016



  • New: Introduced White Label feature.
  • New: Introduced Info Circle module.
  • New: Introduced Mailchimp Subscriber Form module.
  • New: Introduced live preview feature.
  • New: Introduced row separator enable / disable option.
  • New: Infobox – Introduced gradient background.




  • Improvement: Advanced Accordion – Template selector support for content area.
  • Improvement: Advanced Separator – Added responsive compatibility for a line with text style.
  • Improvement: Flip Box – Added content padding option.
  • Improvement: Advanced Tab – Template selector support for the content area.
  • Improvement: Blog Posts – Equal height option for post’s box in the grid.
  • Improvement: Blog Posts – Pagination options added.
  • Improvement: Blog Posts – Filter buttons for easy categorization.
  • Improvement: Blog Posts – Date format option added.
  • Improvement: Dual Button – Auto calculate divider circle size.
  • Improvement: Progress Bar – Background image option for progress bars.
  • Improvement: Progress Bar – Circular style for progress bars.
  • Improvement: Testimonial – Pause on mouse hover option.
  • Improvement: Progress Bar – Added gradient option.
  • Improvement: Contact Form – Added icon options for submit button.




  • Fixed: Blog Posts – Sort by date issue.
  • Fixed: Contact Form – IE placeholder alignment issue.
  • Fixed: Contact Form – Fixed email delivery issue using SMTP Plugin.
  • Fixed: Fancy Text – Responsive issue.
  • Fixed: Fancy Text – Cursor character issue.
  • Fixed: Flip Box – Empty back flip description issue.
  • Fixed: Google Map – API error message should visible to admin / logged in users only.
  • Fixed: iHover – Click not working on mobile phones.
  • Fixed: Price Box – Width issue.
  • Fixed: Row Separator – Extra gap between row & row separator.
  • Fixed: Testimonial – Adaptive height issue with fade transition.

Version 1.1.0

1 Aug 2016


  • New: Introduced Price Box module.
  • New: Introduced Template Manager setting page, now user can controls the display of templates in Sections panel.




  • Improvement: Advanced Separator – Introduced responsive image size option.
  • Improvement: Blog Posts – Introduced post count checks for carousel.
  • Improvement: Blog Posts – Improved custom excerpt character logic.
  • Improvement: Contact Form – Introduced input field padding options.
  • Improvement: Creative Menu – Introduced stack option for mobile devices.
  • Improvement: Creative Link – Introduced bottom margin option to control link bottom spacing.
  • Improvement: Fancy Text – Apply fancy effects when user in viewport.
  • Improvement: Flip Box – Introduced background image option for front & back flips.
  • Improvement: Info Banner – Introduced responsive image size option for background image.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Introduced revers order stacking option for responsive devices.
  • Improvement: Google Map – Added shortcode support for latitude, longitude and info text.
  • Improvement: Row Separator – Introduced row separator responsive size option.
  • Improvement: Row Separator – Introduced individual settings for top & bottom row separators.
  • Improvement: Price Box – In Responsive legend information visible over each property.




  • Fixed: Advanced Tab – Active tab background color issue.
  • Fixed: Advanced Tab – Navigation background applying in content issue.
  • Fixed: Advanced Testimonial – Adaptive height issue.
  • Fixed: Button – Vertical text alignment issue for custom style.
  • Fixed: Blog Posts – Draft, private posts should not display at frontend.
  • Fixed: Blog Posts – Post’s column width issue.
  • Fixed: Contact Form – Submission email not delivered to recipient issue.
  • Fixed: Fancy Text – Slideup effect not works for single string.
  • Fixed: iHover – Image overlap issue of style 3.
  • Fixed: Info Banner – Browser compatibility issue.
  • Fixed: Layout CSS / JavaScript Editor – Cursor position bug.
  • Fixed: PHP 5.2 compatibility errors.
  • Fixed: Row Separator – Custom class conflict when row separator is enabled.
  • Fixed: Row Separator – Removed extra gap between row & row separator.
  • Fixed: Text alignment issue for Icon at right condition.

Version 1.0.0

8 Jul 2016
  • Initial Release