Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Version 1.17.0

20 May 2019


  • Introduced Column Particle Backgrounds
  • Introduced Row Particle Backgrounds


  • Added Font Awesome-5 support to Carousel Layout of all modules
  • Video – Added ALT tag for thumbnail
  • Video – Added aspect ratio of 1:1


  • Advanced Menu – Resolved Toggle menu label Typography issue
  • Heading – Fixed Heading Font weight issue when <strong></strong> tag used in heading content
  • Modal Popup – Resolved Thumbnail issue for Vimeo video type
  • Photo Gallery – Fixed Filterable Tab not clickable when category name is multiple words
  • Subscribe Form – Resolved the Terms and Conditions Checkbox not clicking issue when using same Saved Module multiple times on the same page
  • Video – Fixed Enable Double Click on Mobile setting not working correctly
  • Video Gallery – Resolved Light Box Navigation issue with multiple Video Gallery on the same page

Version 1.16.5

22 Apr 2019


  • Improvement: Photo Gallery – Added Filterable Photo Gallery feature
  • Improvement: Image Carousel – Added nofollow settings option


  • Fixed: Advanced Tabs – Resolved Content Alignment issue
  • Fixed: iHover – Non Numeric value notice for Spacing in rare cases

Version 1.16.4

11 Apr 2019


  • Fixed: Hotspot – Resolved curved tooltip pointer style issue with the icon
  • Fixed: Hotspot – Resolved link not clickable issue with tour tooltip

Version 1.16.3

5 Apr 2019


  • Improvement: Added Font Awesome-5 support to all modules

Version 1.16.2

2 Apr 2019


  • Fixed: Hotspot – Resolved Action Link extending issue with the same row content
  • Fixed: Text translation issue on Dashboard and Frontend while your site is not in default English language

Version 1.16.1

1 Apr 2019


  • Improvement: Hotspot – Added Hotspot Tour feature
  • Improvement: Video – Added settings to enable Double Click over Custom Thumbnail on mobile view
  • Improvement: Video – Added a filter for Video URL to modify YouTube or Vimeo Query Strings
  • Improvement: Defined constant to disable the Branding settings permanently
  • Improvement: Optimized database calls while fetching Saved Modules, Saved Rows and Saved Templates


  • Advanced Posts – Taxonomy Filter settings not working for Custom Post Type
  • Fixed: Contact Form – Resolved preview issue of Terms and Condition Typography settings
  • Fixed: Heading – Fixed Heading Line Height issue with lower values
  • Fixed: Hotspot – Resolved Marker Padding issue on adding new markers
  • Fixed: Video – Fixed AutoPlay settings not working correctly

Version 1.16.0

12 Mar 2019


  • Introduced Marketing Button


  • Improvement: Fancy Text – Added p Tag support for Title
  • Improvement: Hotspot – Individual Marker name added to the module editor’s initial form


  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Fixed extra space around the comma separator for the tag
  • Fixed: Info Circle – Resolved Background Image overlay issue on mobile devices

Version 1.15.1

26 Feb 2019


  • Improvement: Video – Added sticky video feature


  • Fixed: Countdown – Resolved Border Width issue

Version 1.15.0

14 Feb 2019


  • Introduced Price List


  • Improvement: Dual Button – Added nofollow settings option
  • Improvement: Info Circle – Added nofollow settings option
  • Improvement: Slide Box – Added nofollow settings option
  • Improvement: Gravity Form Styler – Optimized database calls while fetching forms


  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Fixed Taxonomy Filter settings not working correctly
  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – PHP 7.1 compatibility errors
  • Fixed: Advanced Tabs – Fixed Tab is not closing on the mobile devices
  • Fixed: Modal Popup – Resolved warning related to HTTP with Vimeo video type for private videos.
  • Fixed: Photo Gallery – Resolved Column Width issue on mobile devices
  • Fixed: Woo Products – Resolved Carousel layout overlapping issue on IE browser