Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Version 1.26.5

12 May 2020


  • FAQ – Added accessibility support for Accordion Layout
  • Image Carousel – Added option to enable/disable on-hover-pause for slider
  • Image Carousel – Added option to disable arrows on small devices
  • Registration Form – Added Password match functionality for Confirm Password
  • Video gallery – Added an option to display Caption Always
  • Woo-Products – Added Main Query option for Source


  • Button – HTML rendering issue in the settings field
  • Off-canvas – Off-canvas won’t trigger on Firefox version less than 65
  • Login Form – Wrong label for password input field
  • Woo-Products – Title Hover Color not working
  • Woo-Products – Issue with older Beaver Builder version (less than v2.2)

Version 1.26.4

5 May 2020
  • Security improvement: Since this release contains a security fix, please update UABB to the version 1.26.4 as soon as possible.

Version 1.26.3

23 Apr 2020


  • Advanced Tabs – Added option Active Tab index for default active tab
  • Advanced Tabs – Added vertical tabs layout
  • Button – UI & UX improvement in module
  • Login Form – Added loader icon when user clicks login button
  • Login Form – Added View Password option
  • Modal Popup – Added Border setting option


  • HTML rendering issue in settings field in some modules
  • Retina Image – Issue with the image width
  • Slide Box – Issue with WPML plugin with CTA Button

Version 1.26.2

9 Apr 2020


  • Added accessibility support for modules
  • Hardened the security of the plugin
  • Particle Backgrounds – Optimised Row/Column JavaScript


  • Button – Text hover color not working with Transparent style
  • Interactive Banner 2 – Connection field issue fixed
  • Price List – WPML Translation not working issue fixed
  • Woo-Products – Custom flash content not working for variable products
  • Woo-Products – UI issue with BB theme

Version 1.26.1

26 Mar 2020


  • Button – Added focus style effect to the background color, text color, and border-color
  • FAQ – Added equal height setting for the grid style


  • Advanced Posts – Post content border settings not working
  • Contact Form – Message required field setting not working
  • Retina Image – Issue with Beaver Themer when header set to sticky
  • Slide box – Dropdown icon doesn’t change in style 2 settings
  • Woo Products – Quick View add to cart button not working

Version 1.26.0

11 Mar 2020


  • Introduced Caldera Forms Styler ( This module is only supported with Beaver Builder version 2.2 or greater )


  • Business Reviews – Added a filter uabb_reviews_date_format_filter to change the review date format. View here for Filter Reference
  • Video – Added structured data support


  • Dual Button – Button border-radius setting not working when button style set as default
  • Dual Button – Button text-color setting not working when button-type setting set as vertical in case of the default style
  • Dual Button – Button icon spacing not working when join button setting set as no in case of the default style
  • HTML rendering issue in settings field in some modules
  • Woo – Add To Cart – Resolved CSS rendering issue when button style is transparent
  • WPForms Styler – Fixed font size not working for input fields.

Version 1.25.2

19 Feb 2020


  • Testimonials – Added photo connection to photo field setting
  • Simple Separator – Added responsive support for alignment setting option


  • Advanced Posts – Scroll pagination conflict with multiple Advanced Posts on the single page
  • Button padding settings not working when button style set as default in some specific module
  • Countdown – Added missing overall alignment setting field
  • FAQ – Resolved parsing error in the schema markup
  • HTML rendering issue in settings field in some modules
  • Info List – Division by zero PHP warning for image size
  • User Registration Form – Register button typography setting not working
  • Woo Products – Resolved PHP notice error in Woo Products module

Version 1.25.1

10 Feb 2020


  • Hardened the security of the plugin
  • Compatibility with latest WordPress PHP_CodeSniffer rules

Version 1.25.0

22 Jan 2020

Important Security Update: Update Now!

A security researcher privately reported a bug about cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. Our team immediately took action, and provided the required patch within 2 hours, releasing the update on the same day after thorough validation.

Users don’t need to panic. We haven’t heard of any exploit attempts using this vulnerability. However, we strongly recommend all our users to update Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder as soon as possible.

We take security very seriously and put in continuous efforts to keep our products safe, secure and reliable.

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder version 1.25.0 has no known security vulnerabilities. And it is recommended that you update it now!


  • Introduced FAQ with Schema Support


  • Advanced Testimonials – Added position support for Star Rating
  • Contact Form – Added Color setting option for Button Icon
  • Improve Background Process Notice dismissing logic
  • Re-structured and optimized the codebase to improve the security


  • Advanced posts – Added New Message section in General Tab and shifted the No Result Message field in that section
  • Contact Form – Resolved JavaScript undefined error when Message field is set to Hide but Required setting is set to the Yes
  • Off-Canvas – Display On Image Alignment Settings option not working
  • Resolved PHP error when copying the style from some specific module
  • Table of Contents – Contents not working with the unique special characters