Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Version 1.8.3

9 Jul 2018


  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added support for ACF Relationship fields
  • Improvement: Button Module – Updated Gradient style with two colors and direction field
  • Improvement: Flip Box – Added Image option for Flip Box front Image type
  • Improvement: Info Circle – Added overlay option to Background Image for Info Circle item
  • Improvement: Added multiple default skins for Google Maps JSON Styles


  • Fixed: Advanced Accordion – Icon Preview not working for Right and Bottom
  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Fixed alignment issue of Grid layout for medium devices
  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Font size is not working for author name
  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Post stack issue is fixed for masonry layout
  • Fixed: Advanced Menu – Sub menu text color preview not working
  • Fixed: Button – Fixed text color not responding in preview mode
  • Fixed: Button – Fixed column text color overriding button text color issue
  • Fixed: Call to Action – Overall alignment issue in preview mode
  • Fixed: Google Map – Broken link updated for JSON styles
  • Fixed: Gravity Form – Styles not applying to the Enhanced User Interface Select Box
  • Fixed: iHover Module – Front Image overlapping on responsive devices on click
  • Fixed: Info Table – Added to default value “Read More” for CTA button
  • Fixed: Input text color not reflecting in preview mode of Subscription form, Contact Form, CF7 Form
  • Fixed: Info Box – Resolved blank space with empty Info Box title and prefix
  • Fixed: Interactive Banner 2 – On click action not working on Firefox browser’s responsive mode
  • Fixed: Modal Popup – Overlay click not working when scroll is applied on Exit Intent option
  • Fixed: Modal Popup – Video placeholder added for YouTube and Vimeo content
  • Fixed: Spacer Module – Adjustment issue with modules and columns
  • Fixed: UABB Gradient – Fixed Gradient field’s layout

Version 1.8.2

21 Jun 2018


  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added Exclude Current Post option
  • Improvement: Content Toggle – Added connections to text and editor fields
  • Improvement: Content Toggle – Added ON/OFF text fields under Label Box
  • Improvement: Added Filter to enable modules in backend


  • Fixed: Fancy Text – Resolved console error for input fields
  • Fixed: Content Toggle – Updated Label Box ON/OFF values
  • Fixed: CF7 Styler – Resolved CSS issue of responsive options

Version 1.8.1

20 Jun 2018


  • Fixed: Advanced Menu – Default padding size is not applying to submenu
  • Fixed: Advanced Menu – Submenu color not working
  • Fixed: PHP fatal error produced by Price Box module

Version 1.8.0

19 Jun 2018


  • New: Introduced Content Toggle


  • Improvement: Added “Text Transform” and “Letter Spacing” option for all modules


  • Fixed: Counter – Full Circle is visible in Internet Explorer while semi circle is selected
  • Fixed: Gravity Form – Added support for the Select box
  • Fixed: Google Map – Updated Latitude, Longitude tool link for Google Map
  • Fixed: Info List – Title color not working when link is provided to the title
  • Fixed: Modal Popup – Close button not displaying properly with title enabled
  • Fixed: Slide Box – Console error issue fixed on responsive devices
  • Fixed: Spacer / Gap – Fixed the issue of spacer jump
  • Fixed: Emptying the current value for typography and dimension field inherits previous value
  • Fixed: Module SVG icons breaking Beaver Builder editor on some servers
  • Fixed: PHP warning on fresh installations

Version 1.7.3

21 May 2018


  • Improvement: Contact Form – Added optional Terms and Conditions to comply with GDPR
  • Improvement: Subscription Form – Added optional Terms and Conditions to comply with GDPR

Version 1.7.2

10 May 2018


  • Improvement: Updated the Template Cloud data for new typography & padding field compatibility


  • Fixed: Improved performance of the field replacement functionality
  • Fixed: Reduced the frontend data render calls to help with performance

Version 1.7.1

3 May 2018


  • Fixed: Price Box – Fixed PHP error produced by Price Box Module

Version 1.7.0

2 May 2018


  • New: Custom fields compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.0


  • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-simplify field and replaced it with BB’s unit field
  • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-spacing field and replaced it with BB’s dimension field
  • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-toggle-switch field and replaced it with BB’s select field
  • Improvement: Deprecated uabb-datetimepicker field
  • Improvement: Testimonials – Added option to show Arrow and Dots in Navigation
  • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added option to change “All” text in Masonry Filter


  • Fixed: Advanced Posts – Pagination issue with search page
  • Fixed: Hotspot – Hotspot image not working in module settings
  • Fixed: Social Share – Share link includes http rather than https
  • Fixed: Advanced Post – Masonry Filter not working if language is not recognized
  • Fixed: Remove duplicate uabb-js-breakpoint ID

Version 1.6.9

22 Feb 2018


  • Improvement: Contact Form – Add option to modify the processing text
  • Improvement: Info Box – Add Responsive height options for the infobox
  • Improvement: Subscription Form – Add option to modify the processing text


  • Fixed: Button – Icons visible even when icon type is set to none
  • Fixed: Contact Form – Email submission from name should be the website’s title
  • Fixed: Fancy text – Fancy text jumps when heading width sizes are different
  • Fixed: Modal popup – Modal Popup input fields cursor issue in iOS devices
  • Fixed: Modal popup – Autoplay video generates flash at the beginning