Captivate Your Audience With An Amazing Video that Sticks around on Page Scroll!

Videos and media are the first things that users get attracted to when they arrive on a page. Visual media has always been a boon as compared to plain text.

But, have you ever wondered whether a video can stick around in the viewport even when a user is scrolling down the page? Facebook has done that and we have implemented that too!

In the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder version 1.15.1, we have introduced an option that will let you stick a video within the viewport even when the user is scrolling down to read the post.

You must be already happy using UABB’s Video module without having to worry about the page load. The Sticky Video option with existing Video module will add a lot more value since you will be engaging your audience with all you want to say. 🙂

The video will stick across the browser edges once the user scrolls the page. In this way, a video will keep playing continuously while the user can read the whole page. You can be sure now that your marketing videos will be viewable all the time. Which will bring more conversions for you ✌️

Have a look at how this stunning feature works –

Amazing, isn’t it? 😎

With the sticky video, your readers will be able to drag the video anywhere in the frontend. That means that one can reposition the sticky video by easily clicking and dragging it. This is convenient since the user can read the text and watch the video simultaneously without covering any content on the page.

That is not enough! Here is a list of what we are offering with this amazing feature –

  • Different alignments for sticky video across the edges
  • Add a background for the video and manage its spacing and style
  • Info bar to display the description for the video
  • Responsive support
  • Close button customizations

Hope you like this wondrous feature! Read more about the Sticky Video in our knowledge base article and take a look at the stunning demo.

Don’t forget to drop your happy comments below or simply write to us.

Cheers! 🍻

6 thoughts on “Captivate Your Audience With An Amazing Video that Sticks around on Page Scroll!”

    1. Hello,

      The video content remains associated to the page it is being shown on. Therefore, you won’t be able to stick a video while the user moves to another page on your website. But, I am sorry, I did not see Facebook videos stick around when the page is changed.

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