Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Version 1.28.2

31 Jul 2020


  • Gravity Forms Styler – Resolved JS error ‘gform’ is not defined

Version 1.28.1

29 Jul 2020


  • Advanced Posts – Added Taxonomy filters for grid Layout.
  • Advanced Menu – Improved accessibility.
  • Table – Added alignment option for each cell.


  • Gravity Forms Styler – Added compatibility with Gravity Form v2.5.
  • Interactive Banner 2 – Overlay Color option conflict with custom height settings.
  • Woo-Products – Resolved issue with Draft products showing when Pagination is active.
  • Woo-Products – Resolved issue with Out of Stock products showing when Pagination is active.

Version 1.28.0

20 Jul 2020


  • Introduced Fluent Form Styler


  • Advanced Icons – Added responsive support for Spacing
  • Advanced Menu – Added option to Collapse Menu for Responsive Accordion layout
  • Photo Gallery – Added Pagination support
  • Photo Gallery – Added Box Shadow option for Images


  • Advanced Posts – Resolved PHP notice error with PHP version 7.4
  • Advanced Tabs – Width issue in Responsive Accordion Mode when Tab Layout is Vertical
  • Advanced Testimonials – Rectified the issue with filters to change next and previous arrows
  • Business Reviews – Reload Reviews setting option not working properly
  • Contact Form – Button background color not working when Button Style set to Default
  • Call To Action – Hover state for button not working when Button style set to Transparent
  • Woo-Products – Fixed the issue with Add to Cart for logged out users in Modern Skin

Version 1.27.0

24 Jun 2020


  • Introduced Devices module


  • Advanced Tab – Added focus color settings
  • Contact Form – Added reCAPTCHA v3 support
  • Gravity Form Styler – Added style support for the labels and multi-step navigation text
  • Off-Canvas – Added Sub Menu toggle option for Menu Content Type


  • Advanced Menu – JS error when Custom Breakpoints field is empty
  • Interactive Banner 2 – CSS conflict with the custom height settings
  • Social Share – Pinterest Share not working due to missing image
  • Gravity Forms Styler – Hide form title & description on submit
  • Woo-Products – Add To Cart success message not displayed in Quick View for Variable Products

Version 1.26.7

15 Jun 2020


  • Users can now share non-personal usage data to help us test and develop better products. ( Know More )


  • Added font-display property for Ultimate Icons to improve PageSpeed score

Version 1.26.6

9 Jun 2020


  • Login Form – Added loader icon for Google and Facebook login buttons
  • Photo Gallery – Added functionality to open a specific Filterable Tab from URL
  • User Registration Form – Added optional Terms and Conditions to comply with GDPR


  • Default Button padding issue with few themes
  • Dual Button – Padding setting not working when Button Style set to Default
  • Login Form – View password option alignment issue
  • User Registration Form – Allowed usage of multiple Registration Forms on the same page
  • Video Gallery – Videos in Filterable Tabs are not loaded when Row ID is used in the URL
  • Woo-Products – Grouped products not getting added to cart from quick view

Version 1.26.5

12 May 2020


  • FAQ – Added accessibility support for Accordion Layout
  • Image Carousel – Added option to enable/disable on-hover-pause for slider
  • Image Carousel – Added option to disable arrows on small devices
  • Registration Form – Added Password match functionality for Confirm Password
  • Video gallery – Added an option to display Caption Always
  • Woo-Products – Added Main Query option for Source


  • Button – HTML rendering issue in the settings field
  • Off-canvas – Off-canvas won’t trigger on Firefox version less than 65
  • Login Form – Wrong label for password input field
  • Woo-Products – Title Hover Color not working
  • Woo-Products – Issue with older Beaver Builder version (less than v2.2)

Version 1.26.4

5 May 2020
  • Security improvement: Since this release contains a security fix, please update UABB to the version 1.26.4 as soon as possible.

Version 1.26.3

23 Apr 2020


  • Advanced Tabs – Added option Active Tab index for default active tab
  • Advanced Tabs – Added vertical tabs layout
  • Button – UI & UX improvement in module
  • Login Form – Added loader icon when user clicks login button
  • Login Form – Added View Password option
  • Modal Popup – Added Border setting option


  • HTML rendering issue in settings field in some modules
  • Retina Image – Issue with the image width
  • Slide Box – Issue with WPML plugin with CTA Button