Introducing Remarkable Particle Backgrounds for Beaver Builder

First impressions last long! It is always a good idea to include some visual effects on websites. They engage visitors and keep them a little longer.

With the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder version 1.17.0, we are bringing a modern way to create fresh and interactive backgrounds with Particles.

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➤ The Concept of Particle Backgrounds

A particle can be defined as a small piece of matter. This may be a single dot, an atom, a triangle, square, etc. The term particle background means that you can add such particles moving around in the background. These are animated backgrounds that have various particles moving continuously with some animation.

Important Features -

  • Particles can be of any shape or size
  • You can choose shapes like polygons, triangles, circles, etc.
  • You can also add images to act like particles in the background
  • The animation speed and direction can be controlled
  • Add interactive backgrounds by changing the flow and density of particles when users click or hover on it.

The particle background, therefore, brings a total section alive and definitely adds the sparkle on your website.

➤ Where it can be used? 

The fancy outlook of this background makes it a great fit for areas where you need to create excitement about some events or offers. You can also use this to portray a nice scenery with rain, snowfall, etc. In short, it adds attractive visual effects to the page.

For Example - Imagine you have some cool offers for the winter season. You can display this offer with some cool snowfall effects just to add a little feeling in it!

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➤ Particle Backgrounds with Beaver Builder!

In the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder version 1.17.0 onwards, the Particle Backgrounds feature is made available as a row and column background option. You don’t have to write code for it!

This trendy feature offers a few default styling options. This means that the Particles can be customized totally with different sizes, shape, speed, direction, color and much more.
You can read our knowledge base article to know more about the Particle Backgrounds and all it offers.

➤ How to add Particle Backgrounds with Beaver Builder?

Step 1: You will need to first enable the Row and Column Particle Backgrounds from the WordPress dashboard > Settings > UABB > Modules > UABB Extensions
Step 2: Go to a section and edit the Row/Column you wish to add the background too.


Step 3 (Optional): Add a nice background image so that Particle Backgrounds will have a complementary base.


Step 4: Enable Particle Backgrounds and choose a style. You can even add personalized custom styling. Set the required color, size, speed, etc. You can also add the hover effects to add the final wow effect to your section.


Your interactive and attractive section with Particle Backgrounds is ready!  Try to hover over the section below, you will see how it interacts with mouse hover. 🙂

Experience the fizzz....

Moritz lager Beer


➤ In the closing...

Particle Backgrounds is my personal favorite feature since it brings that kick with its interactive behavior. It creates crisp and clean backgrounds with smooth animation effects.

Please update the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder to the latest version and feel free to get in touch if you need any further help.

Have fun with this new background and surprise your website visitors!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Remarkable Particle Backgrounds for Beaver Builder”

  1. Looks cool, but the new update breaks the website on IE even without using particle backgrounds, any updates?

    1. Strange!

      I see that you have already opened up a ticket with us and we are working on it with you.

      Lets get this working for you soon! 🙂

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