How does the Refresh Reviews option function in the Business Reviews module?

UABB Business Reviews module requires the Google API key to display reviews of Google Places and the same goes for Yelp. This article will help you understand the working of the Refresh feature in our module.

Consider your business receives multiple new reviews every day, and we have taken care of the same, which won’t require saving the module again and again after a new review is added.

For which we have provided an option to refresh the reviews list based on the time frame you set in which you require it to be refreshed.

Let’s say on average you receive a review every other hour, or a day, week, month, or even a year.

We have provided all the options, based on which your reviews list for the Google Places, Yelp reviews or both will be refreshed.

Isn’t that a time-saving feature, just set the time frame and you are good to go.

Note:- There’s a similar term in Yelp which means Refreshing your API key, not to get confused about the same with this feature.

The option to Refresh your API key can be found in the Yelp Dashboard and is needed when your API key has been compromised, for it you can disable the same and receive a new one.

Following are the steps which need to be followed for the same –

  1. Go to Manage App
  2. Find the “Refresh My API Key” section, and click the “Refresh My API Key” button.
  3. Your new API Key will be displayed in place of the old one on the Manage App page.

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