Watermark for Images in Templates

All of the images in BB as well as UABB are hosted on remote servers and they are ideally meant to be changed. Since this is not very clear to many, especially to clients and beginners, we will be pushing out an update on Dec 20, 2016 that will watermark most of the images in UABB templates.

Hosting images on your own host has many benefits. The most important and obvious ones are no dependency on third part servers and full control and copyright compliance. We hope the watermarked images will help you and your clients identify the content that needs to be updated.

Few things to keep in mind –

  1. All of the templates that you’ve already downloaded from our Template Cloud will still serve old images without watermarks.
  2. If you need the updated templates with watermarked images, you may delete those templates from Template Cloud and install them again.
  3. There will be few cases where we won’t watermark images, especially if they are background images. This is mostly because – these images play an important part in the design and look of the template.

Before Watermark –

After Watermark –

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